(HIHI .0014-.0025) Holiday Island Holdings, Inc.

August 20, 2018 HIHI was being Sell-Shorted like crazy by this so call bears aka CROOKS, We saw an opportunity when we noticed that the shorters had around 139 million shares shorted so all the BULLS decided to attack as a team and we got good results. The stock should continue its nice momentum as other traders pick it up today. Join the revolution and help us fight this sell shorters and profit as you do. 

(DSGT .0013-.0025) DSG Global Inc

August 22, 2018 DSGT after many weeks of relentless Sell Shorting today the Bulls took over and forced a Squeeze. looks like the momentum is set to continue as the company strikes a Military Deal with US Government.  

August 24, 2018 (HPIL .0005-.0017) HPIL Holding

A stock that was being sell shorted daily finally saw its run up after all the Bull traders decided to join forces and decided to Squeeze them. We believe the momentum can continue next week as Bulls look very strong. 

August 28, 2018 (.0054-.0254) OTC PNAT Pura Naturals, Inc.

To date PNAT is currently the biggest Short Squeeze for us. The Bulls Slapped the Bears around and took control as soon as Home depot news crossed the wires https://exposingnakedshorters.com/news ENS noticed the Sell Shorters covering and immediately tweeted our followers https://twitter.com/ExposingNakedSh/status/1034433947734818818 Bulls had a HUGE opportunity to profit over 400%. We currently are accumulating SWET because we believe with the pending news its one of the top pennystocks to buy now.   

August 30, 2018 (.0029-.0056) OTCQB OCLN OriginClear, Inc.

OCLN the stock was being heavily diluted daily. We took the trade base on chart technicals RSI, Pincher and Acumulation. The moment we noticed VFIN was on ask we added a starter position at .0033 https://twitter.com/ExposingNakedSh/status/1034854934838235136 and told all our Bulls to look for that .0025-.0033 range. Today we saw a spike on PPs to .0056 giving all our bulls an opportunity to profit.